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R & J Services

                                        This is information to consider for elementary tutoring sessions

Elementary Parent Questionaire

Student’s Name: ______________________________________________ 

Grade: _________  Attending School System: _________________________

Parent’s Name: __________________________________

Preferred method of Contact: Please check one or both and complete:

___ Phone ( ) -___________                        ___ Email: _______________________________________


What are some things that your child enjoys or is very good at?

What are your child’s greatest strengths in school?

Describe some areas where your child struggles in school.

What are your greatest learning concerns for your child?

Tell me about any special services your child has or is receiving.

Describe how your child learns best.

Is there anything else I should know that will help us be successful during tutoring?


For information regarding SAT Prep Contact us for information on individual sessions.

Tutoring Agreement

Once you've decided to give Chokhmah Tutoring a try, there's nothing to sign. You can receive as many or few Sessions as you like. There is no Contract. All Sessions must be paid for in advance to secure your selected day and time slot.

NOTE: A verbal agreement without payment in advance constitutes no agreement.

Ways to Pay: Zelle, Cash app., PayPal via website